ONGOING and UPCOMING things!!!

The Mansford Window (20.01.18 - 25.06.18)  - we’re designing stained-glass with the people who live around LADA!
The Ash Archive (18.01.18 - 14.04.18) - we made some runes out of ash that’s now part of the Ash Archive!
Weeding (01.03.18 - ) - taking a boat down the canal, thinking about LADA and its history and myth and then inviting people to bring plants to plant at the Garret Centre and become part of a new living breathing archive!

Three Encounters: Making/Believing (15.09.18 - 22.09.18) - we’ve been invited by artist Dani Ploeger and ruimteCAESUUR for a week-long collaborative process in Middelburg around themes that we share with Dani!