The Mansford Window

LADA has just moved into a former church space on Mansford Street. Sheaf+Barley want to invite people on Mansford Street to author stained glass windows using LADA as a base. Stained glass windows have long been the expression of ruling class Christian power in Europe, but this language can be hijacked and remade. The windows will literally set the people who have shaped it into the space of the street, a sign saying ‘we are here’. We will facilitate a process where the resources of LADA become accessible to the people who live around it, where art-making is not an elitist process hand-in-hand with a process of gentrification, and where privatised public space can be written upon and made communal through something that is somehow powerful and beautiful.

We are working alongside Garrett Centre residents Simple Gifts UCSA. Commissioned by the Live Art Development Agency as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme. Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.